Performance Troupe

Thank you for all that have applied for the First Auditions of the new MJ Performance Troupe!

The first meeting for the MJ Performance Troupe will be held Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 3:30p lasting until 5:00p.

If you have applied and your name does not appear on this list, your essay will be kept for furture consideration.

This Troupe is a rotating performance cast and new auditions will be held as needed.

Emma Brown                                                          Coleton Wood
Madison Campbell                                                  Evan Reavis
Amanda Dowswell                                                  Dillion Bufkin
Hailey Armstrong                                                   Austin Reeves
Hailey Thompson                                                   Aiden Preciado
Delaney Eaves                                                      Britton Cherry
Geogia Latto                                                          Josh Johes
Nicole Denton                                                        Jimmy Hayes
Kathrayn Farris                                                     Bryton Cole
Hallie Howard                                                        Tanner Buttrey                            
Taylor Cuthbertson                                                 Wyatt Power                       
Clare McClanahan                                                 Taylor Reinhold (see Mr. Parks)             
Chloe` Parks
Linden White
Ireland Stewart
Lena Russomanno
Melina Yap
Julia Mowry
Caltin Davis
Kensie Smith
Mackenzie Williams
Abigail Williams                                                        
Riley Scott
Shannon Vitt
Macy Ruggiero
Madison Burnette
Bailey Wheeler
Ryahh Al-Amin                                                        
Emily Eggerman                                                 
Joely Ford
Juzmine Nayior
Macy Fee
Savannah Jaynes
1-12-16 Troupe meeting
This Troupe is a place to respect, love, bring to life and grow in a learning environment. Respect.  Don't question things just do it, find a way to make it happen.
To be the best of the best.
Work to please each other, respect each other, respect the troupe.  Respect yourself.
Come up with emblem?
Something to wear- t-shirt, pin, or ideas
Come up with Troupe name and why
Come up with shadow performance to perform for eighth graders
Have Vocal performances and skits ready
Performance ideas- unique and performance places
Web or communication ideas       
Group building ideas
Fund raising for troupe- area performance, school perfomances 
Traveling sound and light system. Rolling boxes to carry equipment to performances.
jobs and ideas (must sign up for at least one job)
Theater Room
Boys dressing room
Girls dressing room
Sound room
Stage and Wings
Green room
Halloween room
Shriek room