MJHS Theater Association

Board of Directors

Mr. Ron Gillihan (President)

Ms. Joy Adkins (Vice President)

Ms. Barbra Kissell (Treasuer)

-- (Secretary)

-- (Faculty Representative)

Ms. Jenna Combs (Alumni Representative)

Mission Statement

      It is the purpose of the MT JULIET THEATRE ASSOCIATION to encourage and support the Mt Juliet High School Theatre program, its’ students, faculty and facilities.

 Association News 


Wish List

Class Productions Cost to produce shows for Nine Classes. $3,000.00
LED Lighting System For Classroom Current Lights are on individual Dimmers, need a programmable system. $2,000.00
LED Lighting System For Theater Need a new lighting system for the Main theater. Current System is on standard Dimmers. Need to be able to program scenes. $5,000.00
Live Band for Musicals Cost to have a live band perform during musicals. (included all copyright licenses) $2,000.00
Musical Costs Cost per Musical Production (this includes copyrights, scripts, costumes, props, sets and make-up) $15,000.00
Play Costs Cost per play produced (this includes copyrights, scripts, costumes, props, sets and make-up) $5,000.00
White Cy Backdrop Backdrop which can be used to create projections/color arrays. $1,500.00
Wireless Microphones All current Microphones are over Five years old. Each costs approximately $600 each. Need 12. $7,200.00
Workshop Costs T-shirts, food, set, etc. $1,200.00

Theater needs for the 2015-16 school year

New wireless mics (all of ours over five years old) $600 each X 12 =$7200

New LED lights for room $2000 for Theater $5000
New white cy for back of stage $1500
Each play $5000 (this includes copyrights, scripts, costumes, props, sets and make-up)
Each Musical $15000 (this includes music and same as above)
***if live music is wanted at about $2000 to Musical cost
Workshops about $1200 (t-shirts, food, set)

Nine Theater classes (play, props, sets, lights, sounds) $3000

Totals-three plays $15000, two musicals $34000, two workshops $2400, nine classes ($3000) that would cost

Extras-if we updated lights $7000, face mics $7200 and stage $1500 that cost $15,700

***total for the this year $70,100

Money funded by school $0.00

Money funded by school for classes $150

Charge for students to be a part of Theater is a $10 class fee

Other income- tickets sales from performances, food sales before some shows and $25 costume fee for Musicals




Alumni Members

Jenna Coombs - Natalie Torres - Charlie Koudelka - Cameron Hoppe - Reese Wamsley - Thomas Waldrop - Carly Koehn - Austin Jones - Kayla Knolenberg - Kristain Hawkins - Slater Parks - Caleb Kellerhals - Patty Haskell - Elizabeth Johnson - Jessica Karsten - Ashley Cook - Hailey Hicks - Connor McCoy - Emily Hawkins - Hannah Hunnicutt